The following information outlines our privacy policy as it applies to OnlinePromos:
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Information Collected

Certain information such as browser type, domain name and statistics for pages and deals viewed are collected by this website automatically. This is known as “passive information” and is collected from all visitors on an anonymous basis as you browse the website. This information is only used by us to improve our website and will not be distributed.

If you wish to stop “cookie” information about yourself from being transmitted, you can turn off this function on your web browser. Please view the “Help” section of your particular web browser to learn how to alter these settings. Keep in mind that turning off cookies might affect the function of the website or prevent you from accessing certain features of the site.

We also collect personal information, which is voluntarily given by out visitors, including contact information, e-mail addresses, comments and Zip code. Giving this information is optional.

Email Addresses

Names and Email addresses are only taken voluntarily. We use this information only to distribute newsletters and other similar information and we will never share your contact information with an outside party.

When we collect your email address and other personal information, we will use this information to deliver you with relevant content, advertising, services, features and any other information that you request. When you supply us with your email address, we might send you emails related to our services or your activity on the website. We might also contact you regarding new services, changes to our website, new features and any other updates that you might find valuable.

Any personal contact information that you supply us, will be used to optimize your experience and improve the quality of your interaction with The Couponist.

You are not required to provide your email address in order to browse our website. If you have submitted your address in the past and you wish to stop receiving our promotional emails, you can email [email protected] and we will immediately remove your email address from our contact list.